L’eroe Safin ringrazia la… Mano di Dio
“Maradona mi ha passato la sua fortuna”

3 Dicembre 2006 Articolo di Ubaldo Scanagatta
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Mosca- Ecco al volo le prime battute (in inglese) di Marat Safin dopo il successo che lo ha reso eroe di tutte le Russie, oltre che “Emeritus Master di Sport” come tutti i compagni.

Q. Marat Safin, you said one month ago this is the worst season in your career. After you won the Davis Cup, have you changed your mind?
MARAT SAFIN: Well, I was kind of sad because it’s not the best season for me because I couldn’t finish the year even in the top 20 _ . The thing is, I was losing these tough matches 6 7 in the tiebreak. If I would have more luck, I would finish the year in the top 20.
I would say I had a rather good finish of the year. It motivates you well to stay in tennis and to continue your career. The victory in the Davis Cup is about one of the best events in one’s career.
Q. Yesterday you joked about Maradona. You shook hands with him, you shook the hand which scored that goal. Maybe now in hindsight, it’s clear that that hand brought luck to the Russian team.
MARAT SAFIN: I think it’s Maradona who got lucky when he scored that famous goal with his hand. That was the hand of God. Maradona passed on that hand of God to me. He passed on luck to me in so doing, in shaking
my hand.
Q. Marat, how did you finally get over the bad surface?
MARAT SAFIN: I would still say that this surface suits Nalbandian the best, but it’s not the best surface for Jose Acasuso. It’s a bit too fast for him. He obviously lacked expertise in his match. He wasn’t match tough enough.
I was lucky that he made some easy errors. He made a very easy error in the tiebreak. That made the difference. He was also broken in the first set.

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